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5 Logmein Problems And How To Solve Them [Updated]

Logmein is a great tool for remote control – and you can do allot with their free application. What’s also true, is the ever-present push to monetization that Logmein is on. I don’t blame them really, but if you make a feature available to everyone for free – it would be wise not to take it away from them – but that’s me. As we’ve learned from recent Google Reader changes – this type of change results in a serious backlash. But, don’t fret – I have some tips to help you make better use of the free Logmein product. In some case you can simulate the features previous lost by Logmein’s changes.

Update: Logmein is no longer free, so much of this will only apply paid users.

Free Software: BatchDBx

BatchDBX LogoYou may have come here from time-to-time to see blogs about technology or contests – but did you know that we write software too? There haven’t been too many updates on that front, but I’d like to add another (hopefully) useful utility that you can download and use. This is a little old – I know, but hasn’t been out there in some time.

I introduce the BatchDBx utility. Check out download links and information right here.

6 Free Ways To Work With PDF Files (Decrypt Them Too)

Acrobat LogoPDF files, or “Portable Document Format” (wikipedia) files, are as close to near-ubiquity as anything can be in the technology world. If you have a file, and you want to share it in the format you originally had it laid out in – you’re probably going to be using a PDF file to do that. For many years folks have been creating PDF files with the Acrobat Application and reading them with the Acrobat Reader (get the official free reader here). What many do not know, however, is that the PDF format is so mature now that many of these things you do (and often pay for) can be done without the use of the often slow-and-bloated official applications or can be done completely free. I’ll give you a few scenarios and then the alternative method to go about this – please note, the application listed are for Windows.

A Free Utility That Should be Built Into Windows: GreenPrint

GreenPrint Logo

I’m always looking for new and interesting utilities. The Internet is a wealth of these utilities and many of them are free. In this series of blogs I’ll go over some of the best and most interesting I have found – I welcome you to go try one of them and let me know what you think!

Today, I’m going to look at a small utility that acts simply as a Print Manager or a Print Previewer. This utility gives you the ability to print ONLY the pages you need or want to print and remove the ones you don’t need. This is such an important function on a computer, I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t do it – and what’s more –  why the current version of Windows doesn’t include this utility!

The Case for a Free Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2007 LogoNow, now – don’t go throwing your hands in the air all at once. I’m not going crazy over one of Microsoft’s flagship products. I don’t hate Microsoft. I actually like them, I have been working with the products for more than ten years now and have built a company around support most of the products they offer. I wouldn’t call myself an evangelist – but it is clear that the continued success of Microsoft is going to be tied to my own company’s success. Microsoft seems to be at a real crossroads with their flagship product: Office. The recent fighting, twitter movement, and protests over the support of HTML in Outlook 2010 had me thinking what Microsoft would need to do to set themselves apart and really do something special. Microsoft needs to offer Outlook 2010 (Without Word HTML rendering) for free when they release the 2010 version of their Office product.

Free Network Diag: The ICSI Netalyzr (help us, help you)

ICSI-Netalyzer-LogoOne of the more challenging aspects of working with network connections is the ability to test the health and usability of connections. Today, connections are available in all sorts of ways and locations. Often with this sort of ubiquity, we’re not able to tell if this Internet connection is going to be reliable. The ICSI Netalyzr is one such utility that can help in gathering more details.