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10 Serious Phrase-Crimes Committed Against Your IT Person

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What’s a “phrase-crime”? I just made that up to describe a group of grating words that IT people hate hearing. You’ve heard it before, the phrases are like “It’s Urgent” when the user wants a screensaver disabled. It’s that user that has spent no time thinking about a problem, but still asks “When will it be fixed?”. For all those who may not be sure when they’re actually doing this; I present a simple guide to 10 of the worst phrase-crimes.

As 2013 ends, I look forward to, and predict 2014

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I’m a regular prognosticator, or at least I think I am. As a regular reader, you probably remember last year’s list of predictions. To be fair, I don’t make it easy; I won’t have the benefit of seeing products at the world’s largest tech conference (CES) in early January. This is generally considered the starting point for what will unfold over the year. Because of that, some of what I guess can be a bit off the wall, while others are safer bets. Surprisingly, I seem to have a good track record. It’s always fun to come back a year later and see what I was thinking.

My Grade For 2012, And Predicting 2013

Here’s what I predicted last year (for 2012):You know, predictions are funny things. Funny in the eerie sense, and funny in the “ha ha” sense. It’s easy to be very wrong with what you see coming, and at the same time, wonder “what was I thinking?”.  The truth is, things in the technology world move incredibly fast – so it’s hard to tell what might be next.  Given that today has been referenced (by some) as the final day of our existence, I thought it would be perfect timing to look back and look forward. Do you ever wonder why the Mayans didn’t set a specific time of the day for the end? Well, without further delay, I have a new batch of oddball results and predictions for the coming year. That is, as long as we’re here to read them.

Game Disappointment: Plants vs Zombies

Pvz1You might remember a post on this very blog talking about a game addiction to Plants vs Zombies, the very popular strategy game on many platforms. One of my first experiences playing the game was on an iPad, and then on the iPhone and, more recently on an Android phone and tablet. Since purchasing the Nexus 7 (review here), I’ve wanted to try to Plants vs Zombies again so I went to pick it up in the Google Play store. What I purchased for $2.99, however, was disappointment.

Game Addiction: Plants Vs Zombies

PlantsVZombies-LogoGames aren’t exactly my forte. In fact, the last time I remember playing a game this much was Command & Conquer. Gosh, that was a great game. Recently, Plants vs Zombies has my inner addict screaming for glee. Let me take you to Zombieville.

This all began when a friend showed me the game on his iPhone. I thought “OK plants, zombies, sunlight – that’s dumb” – but I’ll try it. Wow, was I ever surprised. The gameplay seems slow, but the strategy you use makes a larger difference down the road. At the point you’ve purchased every plant, you are given a list of 49 that can be placed into up to 9 “slots” that represent what you’ll use to keep the zombies from entering your house and eating your brains. Sounds simple enough right?

2011: A Year Of Predictions

2012You might remember my predictions from last year. This is something I do as a fun aside, just to see how many things I can get right in the coming months. By no means do I have a magical ability to see the future, but I do get things right from time to time. So, sit back an take a look at last year first – I’ll go over what I got right, and what I got wrong. After that, I`ll move on to 2012 with a new set of predictions.

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