The 2012 Apple iPhone Announcement (Live)

Apple 2012 InvitationApple is suffering from a great deal of things these days. Certainty not a lack of money, that’s for sure. But, Apple has is a centerpiece of technology now, and all eyes are on it to deliver at such a pace that it’s become absurd. Take the probable launch of an iPhone – just the mere rumour of this product launching is enough to hurt sales of Apple’s previous phone product. Apple is also has it’s users on an ever changing merry-go-round that seems to never stop. Apple’s products have to have the shortest lifespan of all technology because of this ever speedy cycle of new products and upgrades. Today, we have a new announcement – let’s see what’s in store.

Why Chrome For iOS Is Freaking Amazing

Oh, woe is the Internet. Today during Google I/O’s second day – Google’s Chrome Browser was announced for iOS. This would fall in line with Google Chrome on Chrome OS, Android, Windows and OS X. Some, have a real problem with Chrome on iOS, but there is a huge reason why Chrome on iOS is amazing news and makes Chrome one of the most useful browsers on all platforms now.

Upgrade An Already Jailbroken iOS Device From 5.0.1 to 5.1.1

Jailbreak-LogoOne of the more under-explained processes related to Jailbreaking an iOS device is that of performing an upgrade from an already jailbroken iOS device. It seems like most of the instructions you’ll find are leaving out huge pieces of information about the process and what you might lose. Well, look no further because I have the details you’ll want here. In this case I’m upgrading an already jailbroken 5.0.1 iPhone 4S to iOS 5.1.1 using a Mac. The jailbreak and tools are specific, but I think that this process will apply to other iOS devices like iPads as long as a jailbreak for the iOS version you’re upgrading to exists.

Review: Sparrow iPhone Mail Client

Sparrow-LogoEver since seeing so many gushing reviews about this iPhone mail client, I had to take a look at it myself. I was curious what all the hoopla was about, and wether this would live up to the hype. When I saw screenshots of the application, I was immediately reminded of the Gmail mail client (in terms of interface) and liked how Sparrow seemed to use the limited real estate of the iPhone. Since there is also an email client called Sparrow for the Mac desktop – this review will be limited only to the iPhone version of the application.

Apple’s New iPad (3) Event: Details For Canada

Apple-iPad3-EventPerhaps you have been living in an alternate universe and haven’t heard about Apple’s event happening today. Though it’s no secret that an iPad is about to be unveiled – what is not know is what else will be introduced. What does Apple have in store from us next?

Join me here as I summarize all of the Apple announcements, what is changing and – perhaps more importantly – how this will affect us here in Canada.