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Basics: How To Find Your IP Address


Internet Protocol (IP) is the general basis for all communications on local and Internet networks. These communications rely on some basic numbers that identify you to other computers on the local network, and to the world. Those numbers put together are what’s commonly called an IP Address. On occasion, someone in you IT department or support might ask you to provide this number format, and  I’ll show you how to find it.

Kill Network Traffic In Windows That Admin Tools Don’t Catch

One of the keys to fixing problems with PCs is looking in the more obvious places for problems. On such example occurred when a users’ computer was on the network but yet was unable to transfer data or use the Internet – but will still connected based on every obvious cue. I was somewhat perplexed until I found an answer. Using this method in certain cases can disable a network interface entirely (while still maintaining the ‘connected’ state). Conventional admin tools will fail you in most cases.

A warning though, if you do this – you may render the network interface of your computer unusable and, even worse not know how to get it back. Tread lightly here.

Basics: IP Addressing on a Computer Network

tcp2_0202Many times I talk to people inside my industry and outside – thinking about getting into the industry; they tend to be lacking in knowledge of TCP/IP and proper IP Addressing conduct. I often go into offices that have been previously set up and find the network is, or all of the hosts on the network are directly connected to the Internet. While these practices all work, this industry is begging for consistency and there are recommendations as to the proper use of IP addressing to simplify your network management. Have you ever wondered why a network’s hosts might be numbered 10.x.x.x or 192.168.0.x?

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