THAT great tool: Double Commander – A File Manager For Mac OS X

Those of you who read this blog probably think I favor the PC for all things software. Well, that may seem true now, but it’s about to change. In previous “THAT great tool” editions I have sung the praises of tools like TrueCrypt, Ghost, KeePass, Total Commander, and even IFTTT. Clearly, a MAC OSX only tool is not being represented here. Well, for those fans of Total Commander (you know how I feel about that), I have a great OSX tool to show you today. This tool is a Open Source file manager created in the same light as Total Commander. As always, these tools are the kinds of utilities you’ll want to have access to every day if you’re a consultant or a power user.

CWL Best: TrueCrypt

Truecrypt LogoAs a computer user, one of the most important things you can do is encrypt sensitive data you use. In the past I have spoken about encrypting passwords using the Keepass application, but what if you wanted a tool to encrypt all the files too? Well, yes, you could use something like Bitlocker, or you could use an incredibly useful and versatile open source tool called TrueCrypt

Using Apple’s OS X Server With a Windows Network

OSX-ServerIt seems more and more that the main driving forces in the Apple world are focused squarely on simplicity. In the case of Apple’s Server offering for OS X Lion, this simplicity is never more apparent. Choosing this sort of solution for an office of OS X machines may be a no-brainer, but, what if you wanted to run a network of Windows computers on this server? Would it stack up well to what Microsoft offers? Does it offer the kinds of things you might expect from a Windows Server? Let’s take a look.

Review: Sparrow iPhone Mail Client

Sparrow-LogoEver since seeing so many gushing reviews about this iPhone mail client, I had to take a look at it myself. I was curious what all the hoopla was about, and wether this would live up to the hype. When I saw screenshots of the application, I was immediately reminded of the Gmail mail client (in terms of interface) and liked how Sparrow seemed to use the limited real estate of the iPhone. Since there is also an email client called Sparrow for the Mac desktop – this review will be limited only to the iPhone version of the application.

Logmein On Safari: Solving The Pain

Logmein LogoIf you use Logmein on all the time, you’ll know that working from an Apple OSX machine has always been something of a pain. I have tried a number of things to get around some of the bugs I’ve seen, but few things really help. I found something today that has improved the use of Logmein on a Mac greatly. Let’s take a look at the problem and what you can do to solve it.

Windows 8: Metro, A Leap Forward Or A Leap Back?

Win8-Preview-LogoWindows 8 is coming very, very soon. With it, we have one major shift in computing to handle. This new wrinkle is the Metro interface – designed to fill the user’s entire screen and be something of a general simplification of a Windows system. I’ve been toying with this idea that, as Windows is being pushed into a more mobile way of doing things, it’s also being pushed back as well. Is Metro taking us backward, or is this just a simple-looking way of moving forward?

The EASY Way To Move Microsoft Office 2011 License Between Apple Macs

MacOffice01So, you have a new Mac with OSX and you’re excited to use it. But, you don’t have Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 installed on the new computer. You can find the installation disk, but how do you move the license? Believe it or not, it is actually possible to transfer Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac’s license from one machine to another – and it’s just a matter of copying a few files. So far this process has worked on every computer I have tested it on, please let me know (in the comments) if this works for you too. I’ll take you through the dead simple step-by-step process of how to do this.

Outlook PST Files Should Not Be So Difficult To Work With, Still

Outlook07-LogoOh Microsoft, in February of 2010 you released the (now legendary) piece of documentation called the “Outlook Personal Folders (.pst) File Format“. In that you described the Personal Folders File format in glorious detail. Details that only a programmer or a Uber-Geek would love. When this came out I thought that we would usher in a new era of tools and interoperability on all platforms. We would see the end of all this hard-to-reach-data sitting in far flung PST files that most users wouldn’t be able to access. See, I’ve written often about Outlook and PST files. I want to see a day that users could open up PST files on a Windows computer like they might open a text file. Well, sadly, that day is not here yet.