A word about book writing software

For those who act on the need to dump words into something resembling a book, they’ll be pen-to-paper purists or the type that I am: write it all out on a computer. Certainly, there are other options, but why in the hell would anyone type out a book using Dropbox and a smartphone? What I […]

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Reviewing InvoiceNinja 5 Self-Hosted

It’s been a whirlwind year working with InvoiceNinja 5, a web-based accounting package you can run in the cloud, or on your own server (self-hosting). Think of it as Freshbooks, but running on your own servers. I’ve run through self-hosting every version available, testing with dummy data, pulling out my hair, migrating from Quickbooks and […]


The strange regression of Unifi and its NVR

The UNVR-4 appears to be designed to evade any sense that it was built for business. Let me take you into the issues I encountered while setting up. Given a robust product, these issues would have been uncovered and I’d have moved on to the next thing. But, because of Unifi’s extremely minimalist design, getting at details was difficult.

Meeting Minutes Editor Screenshot

Free Software: Meeting Minutes

I wrote this for a client that needed to keep track of meetings and also wanted to give users in the office tools to read and comment on these meetings. At the time, I was just trying to solve a particular problem. Now, this is something you can use in your own company to track meetings. Let’s take a closer look.