THAT great tool: Double Commander – A File Manager For Mac OS X

Clearly, a MAC OSX only tool is not being represented here. Well, for those fans of Total Commander (you know how I feel about that), I have a great OSX tool to show you today. This tool is a Open Source file manager created in the same light as Total Commander. As always, these tools are the kinds of utilities you’ll want to have access to every day if you’re a consultant or a power user.


THAT Great Tool: Ghost Imaging Software

As I look at Wikipedia’s page, it seems that Ghost has only been around since 1997 when it could only image a single partition. I’m sure when it was released, Ghost was a huge hit with IT guys and tech enthusiasts everywhere. Over the years, this application has changed quite a bit – but the core of what Ghost does is still all the more useful. That’s why Ghost deserves to be on the list of THAT great tool.