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THAT great tool: Double Commander – A File Manager For Mac OS X

Those of you who read this blog probably think I favor the PC for all things software. Well, that may seem true now, but it’s about to change. In previous “THAT great tool” editions I have sung the praises of tools like TrueCrypt, Ghost, KeePass, Total Commander, and even IFTTT. Clearly, a MAC OSX only tool is not being represented here. Well, for those fans of Total Commander (you know how I feel about that), I have a great OSX tool to show you today. This tool is a Open Source file manager created in the same light as Total Commander. As always, these tools are the kinds of utilities you’ll want to have access to every day if you’re a consultant or a power user.

THAT Great Tool: Ghost Imaging Software

GhostSince as long as I can remember working on computers, there have been drives and drive systems. As long as we’ve had to work with drives, we’ve had to have a way to copy the data off those drives onto another drive or possibly into a file. Back in the day, we used to try copying all files off an drive and then write the MBR, but we knew there was a better way to work with drive data. As I look at Wikipedia’s page, it seems that Ghost has only been around since 1997 when it could only image a single partition. I’m sure when it was released, Ghost was a huge hit with IT guys and tech enthusiasts everywhere. Over the years, this application has changed quite a bit – but the core of what Ghost does is still all the more useful. That’s why Ghost deserves to be on the list of THAT great tool.

CWL Best: TrueCrypt

Truecrypt LogoAs a computer user, one of the most important things you can do is encrypt sensitive data you use. In the past I have spoken about encrypting passwords using the Keepass application, but what if you wanted a tool to encrypt all the files too? Well, yes, you could use something like Bitlocker, or you could use an incredibly useful and versatile open source tool called TrueCrypt

CWL Best: Keepass Fixes The Password Problem

keepass logoReality is, passwords aren’t going anywhere. I’ve mentioned Keepass before, and for good reason, Keepass is a great tool for managing passwords and storing them in a secure database. I would be limiting the scope of this great tool if I didn’t show you why Keepass deserves to be considered an indispensable tool. When you start to see what it can do, you may also describe it as THAT great tool.

THAT Great Tool: Total Commander

TC-1I use a heck of allot of tools and utilities. I use tools for database access, process viewing, registry searching, debugging, error log parsing, mail connections and even four or five different types of FTP servers. I’ve even made a tool or two for you. I tend to prefer tools that are as cross-platform as possible and that generally stand the test of time. The better of them are ones that provide the kind of flexibility that they become something entirely new. Those are the tools that I’m interested in, and the ones I want to write about. Very few of the tools I use fit into the category of “That great tool” – one of them, though, is Total Commander.

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