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2011: A Year Of Predictions

2012You might remember my predictions from last year. This is something I do as a fun aside, just to see how many things I can get right in the coming months. By no means do I have a magical ability to see the future, but I do get things right from time to time. So, sit back an take a look at last year first – I’ll go over what I got right, and what I got wrong. After that, I`ll move on to 2012 with a new set of predictions.

Three Books I Enjoyed in 2018

The coming end of this year usually brings ponderings of the past and predictions for an unknown future; but screw that. Books are where it’s at. I love to read. As a fellow reader, you’re probably looking for books to add to the “want to read” bookshelf. I’m here to recommend three more that you should check out. These aren’t in any particular order or limited to being published this year, they’re just books I’ve read and loved.

Apple’s September 2017 Event

Apple Event Invite 2017

Today, Apple’s event heralded a number of firsts. The first to happen that the Steve Jobs Theatre. The first to be almost completely spoiled by leaks, and the first to introduce a phone starting at $999US. Apple was also expected to do but things in augmented reality and include wireless charging. I watched the event and here are my thoughts on what’s coming with Apple. 

The Formula, Paper Reading, and Arrival

The Formula - Cover

While reading The Formula, by Luke Dormhel, a treatise on the many ways computer (and other scientists) have attempted to quantify and algorithmically understand the world, I was struck by this idea of our past present and future. What kind of future are we looking at when humans are replaced by robots and even laws are being handled by artificial intelligence? The answer is, I don’t know, but it got me thinking.

Taking Stock of 2016 and Looking to the Future

Year End, 2016

You might remember I used to do a fun set of predictions on this blog. I would then take the previous year’s predictions and tally up my successes and failures. For some reason I stopped doing that. It’s a shame, because it allows for a great amount of introspection and foresight. Well, I’m back at it and I’m going to use this space to look back a bit, and then tell you what I think is coming for 2017.

As 2013 ends, I look forward to, and predict 2014

Photo Credit: Flickr

I’m a regular prognosticator, or at least I think I am. As a regular reader, you probably remember last year’s list of predictions. To be fair, I don’t make it easy; I won’t have the benefit of seeing products at the world’s largest tech conference (CES) in early January. This is generally considered the starting point for what will unfold over the year. Because of that, some of what I guess can be a bit off the wall, while others are safer bets. Surprisingly, I seem to have a good track record. It’s always fun to come back a year later and see what I was thinking.

My Grade For 2012, And Predicting 2013

Here’s what I predicted last year (for 2012):You know, predictions are funny things. Funny in the eerie sense, and funny in the “ha ha” sense. It’s easy to be very wrong with what you see coming, and at the same time, wonder “what was I thinking?”.  The truth is, things in the technology world move incredibly fast – so it’s hard to tell what might be next.  Given that today has been referenced (by some) as the final day of our existence, I thought it would be perfect timing to look back and look forward. Do you ever wonder why the Mayans didn’t set a specific time of the day for the end? Well, without further delay, I have a new batch of oddball results and predictions for the coming year. That is, as long as we’re here to read them.

News: A Blog Change Is Coming!

Change is afoot! – We’re moving to

We’ve had a great run on Google’s Blogger. The site is fairly easy to configure, and, over the years Blogger has revamped the dashboard, added permalinks and improved nearly every part of the site. And, through it all, this blog has featured stories about some of the many features and annoyances found in Blogger.

Yet, it is still lacking the kind of power we really needed. With some lingering bugs and an inability to really customize this blog, it was time to move on to another solution. This solution had to be easy to administer, customize, secure and allow all of Blogging Calwell’s writers the freedom to focus on the writing, not the technology behind it.

Windows 8: Metro, A Leap Forward Or A Leap Back?

Win8-Preview-LogoWindows 8 is coming very, very soon. With it, we have one major shift in computing to handle. This new wrinkle is the Metro interface – designed to fill the user’s entire screen and be something of a general simplification of a Windows system. I’ve been toying with this idea that, as Windows is being pushed into a more mobile way of doing things, it’s also being pushed back as well. Is Metro taking us backward, or is this just a simple-looking way of moving forward?