Why So Slow? Blame Jevons Paradox, Bufferbloat And Cruft

This fundamental idea generally runs counter to the thought that, when you increase the efficiency of something by way of technological means, the consumption of that resource should go down. It is an idea that has often been overshadowed by more famous theories like “Moore’s Law”, but is no less fascinating when applying it to computing and IT infrastructure.

Review: Dell Vostro 3550 Laptop

Much of the recent news I’ve heard about Dell involves what they aren’t selling anymore (like phones). But, what still sell are laptops and ultrabooks. I’ve really never been the biggest fan of Dell’s laptops, preferring to recommend either Toshiba or Lenovo offerings. Today, I’ve ordered a Vostro 3550 laptop and I’ll share my thoughts on that.

Mission: Get A Cheap Macbook Air

I wanted that sleek, thin, light, fast (?) machine in my hands for use as a daily device over all these other clunky laptops I’ve had to use in the past. Thanks to the wonders of patience, I found a Macbook Air (original model) that I could use on a daily basis.

Blogger: Generate A URL Before You Publish

One of the difficulties with great new features is when other features don’t get updated or created to accommodate the new usefulness. In Blogger you have the ability to “Schedule” a blog post. This is not the newest feature, but new enough that other features are downright missing. One of the features they should have included, was a way to determine the URL (Universal Resource Locator or the full link to your article) of a scheduled post before it’s posted.

Mobile Solar Chargers: A Gimmick Or Useful Tools?

I wanted to take a look and give it a try. The packaging indicated support for the iPhone and iPod devices and look to have a number of different connectors to use. Heck, it was $14.99 too, so you really can’t lose there, right? I’ll take you on a tour of how this device works, what I liked and what I didn’t like about it – and whether I think this is a useful tool for mobile users.