Open Source Project Homepage (here, download) Current Version: 2.6.1 What is IconIP? A small application to assist in the remote control and monitoring of a computer workstation. IconIP shows the user (via a system tray icon) the last octet of the current IP address. IconIP also has the ability to show another IP octet in the […]

Install / Uninstall

Download: [Setup Package] [Portable] [Source Code] The built-in Add/Remove Applications feature of Windows is something of a paradox. It should be one of the more powerful pieces of software in the system since it gives you control of most software that is on your computer, but it’s more of a limited viewer/launcher type of tool. […]

Reboot Now

Download this tool with source (ZIP) Reboot Now or its short name ReNow, is an application that runs silently (in the system tray) of a Windows PC and reboots the computer when a pre-configured time is reached. The utility has a configuration window that lets you change the time setting. ReNow keeps track of its settings […]

Why The Netflix Series ‘House Of Cards’ Is Interesting

If you haven’t heard of it – this is a U.S. version of a British miniseries (of the same name). In this version, Kevin Spacey plays Francis Underwood, a politician with a rising trajectory using any dirty tricks he has to for the sake of power. This sure does sound like an entertaining show, but there’s more to take interest of here. It seems like Netflix may be on the verge of changing the TV game.

The Google Tableaux – The Nexus Of Tablets

It’s interesting that we may (or may not) look back on this point in history and think of it as: “That time when Google really joined the tablet market“. Well, perhaps not as seriously, but we’ll definitely paint a picture of Google telling everyone that they’ve jumped head-first into the tablet market. What Google announced on this storm-swept, Sandy-barraged East […]

Review: Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E530

With Windows 8 and iPad Mini tablets taking a good part of the spotlight these days, it’s important to not that laptops do still exist. These days, businesses are often opting for a laptop instead of a desktop for the enhanced mobility options afforded. Today, I look at a lower-end PC laptop from Lenovo that should be ideally suited for business.

Review: Samsung Chromebook Series 5 – Ready For Business?

Truly, this is a Google ecosystem device – so you’ll find better integration and power when you use a Google account (on Apps or merely just a free Gmail account). Other options for mail access are possible, however, the integration you should expect is little more than accessing web mail. In the future, I’d like to see every mail provider offer an HTML5 web mail interface – making the ChromeBook a great option for that future.