7 Bridges in Amsterdam

7 Bridges in Amsterdam Thumbnail

There is one fleeting spot along the canals where passing at just the right spot exposes you to 7 different bridges. Catching this perfectly is especially difficult if you aren’t expecting it (on the tour). I could have done better to pull up the sharpness on the faraway bridges, though the positioning is slightly unsymmetrical. The canals are gloriously rich space for photography. Given a drone, this shot might be all the more spectacular, even though this is view is still wonderful.

Skógafoss Up Close

Skogafoss Up Close Thumbnail

This waterfall has to be the most photographed location on all of the island. People (and birds) flock to this location to get views from every single possible angle. For me, it was a chance to practice some non-tripod work with my camera while trying to get the right kind of angle.

Your Guide to the Confusing Microsoft Office 2016 ‘My Account’ Service and How to Take Control

Office 2016 Logo

You might have wondered why licensing Retail versions of Microsoft Office 2016 on Windows has become so cumbersome and clunky and confusing? Why does Microsoft force a login to install and activate Office?  Why is this service so bad at showing information and handling more than one installation? If fact, if you have more than one retail copy of Office to install and activate on the same account, you’re in for serious confusion. I can’t answer all these questions, but I’ll show you how to fix this mess so you can install Office and move on.

Cuban Sunset Perfection

Cuban Sunset Perfection

Cuba, I’ve found, has some of the most spectacular sunsets you can shoot. If you’re in Havana at the right time, the sun will set in the perfect location and interact with the clouds just right. This is one of my favorite shots taken of my time in Cuba. Click on the image above or link below to see this in its glorious full resolution.

Book Review: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Sapiens Cover Image

Yuval Harari’s Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind was known to me for a while as a book of interest, but I hadn’t given it a serious look. I generally avoid the droning, long and tedious history books in favor for more recent and topical themes. After finishing The Disaster Artist, I was looking for my next read, and Sapiens was staring me face to face at an airport bookstore. Now that I’ve finished, I’ll offer some of my thoughts.

Solitary Boat in Portrush

Solitary Boat in Portrush

I found this boat in Portrush, Northern Ireland. At a population of 6,454 (2011), this small town hosts university students or tourists, depending on the season. I met with a few fishermen who decided to forgo the boats and cast straight off the coast for mackerel to little success (at the time). 

Havana Cabling

Havana Cabling

Cuba is so incredibly diverse when you look at it from outside, but even inside there are stories to be told. I ducked into one of the buildings as I walked by to take a look and I found this wonderful layered spaghetti of cables. Perhaps more interesting is how aged and weathered everything looks.  

Icelandic Turf House

Icelandic Turf House

In Iceland, these innovative houses were constructed because of the climate and lack of resources. The innovative style of building is better insulated from the elements. I had known about these types of building, but came accross so few of them on my trip, until I saw this one. For inquiries about printing this or any of my photographs, please email photos@cwl.cc.

Short Book Review: The Disaster Artist

Disaster Artist Book Cover

So, what is it? It’s a book about a friendship that spans 15 years between two unlikely people (one of them the author). I too had a friendship that very closely parallels this story. Amazing how us humans have these constant repeating patterns. The subject of the story is Tommy Wiseau, who would go on to create perhaps the worst movie ever to be recorded in The Room. I haven’t seen the movie and I know it sucks.

Petal Archway

Petal Archway Thumbnail

This is one of the many beautifully manicured parks in the Azores. These small areas appear to be what families visit when taking breaks (evidenced by the BBQs), but also parks that are lovingly taken care of all year long. These parks can be found all over the coastal highway.