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Think The Mobile Platform Battle Is A Fight For The Device You Buy? Think Again.

The mobile space has rapidly expanded (160% over the last year[1]) – with the incredible success of one iPad. This success has also underscored the boom in smart phones entering he market as well as devices that might fit somewhere in-between (a convertible tablet laptop, anyone?). Many think that companies are fighting to get these mobile devices into our hands – while thats true to a certain extent, the real fight for our mobile future will be who controls the platform.

Android On Blackberry? Here’s What RIM Needs To Make This A Big Hit

Recently, new evidence has arisen that RIM is testing Android
applications on the Blackberry platform. The implications of being able
to run Android apps on the Playbook are pretty far reaching – but, to
see the Android apps runnable on the millions of RIM devices would be a major coup. Not only that, Research in Motion (RIM) plays this correctly, they could have a huge hit on their hands. Here’s why this is important, and what RIM needs to do.

Update (Mar 24, 2011): RIM announces support for Android applications on the Playbook. Big News!
Update: (Jan 22, 2012): After a number of missteps and seemly poor recent results, RIM’s co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis step down and Thorsten Heins takes over as the new CEO. Big news for the struggling company.

Introducing The Calwell Android Application!

This is huge! It’s certainly not news that the mobile platform has a big future. But, what every company should be doing is finding ways to embrace new technologies and find new ways to reach people. To that end, we have decided to build a mobile application for the Android platform that allows anyone to get updates on anything and everything Calwell related. If you’re half as excited as we are – you’ll be looking forward to the great things we have in store with this mobile application. We have to thank the amazing folks at for giving us the chance to do this so nicely and easily. So, let me take you on a tour of the Calwell Android application.

Of course, if you just want to get it – search for “Calwell” in the Android Market or

Fix: Updating Google Translate To 2.x On Your HTC T-mobile G2

One super-annoying problem that I’ve come across (and seen all over the Internetteys) is the FAIL of an update process for Google Translate on the T-Mobile shipped G2 phone. With new features in Google Translate in version 2.0 like Conversation View, you really want to get your hands on this application. Attempting to do a straight update will cause you to get a number of error messages and will cause Translate to disable one of the main features – the ability to say or speak translated text. Here’s how you can fix this issue on your G2 phone.

Screen Captures With Your Android Device, Without Root

This is a quick post on how to get a screen capture from your Android G2 (or Desire Z in Canada) smartphone. The process (as of the time of writing) is not so easy to get around for phones that are non-rooted – but if you would like to avoid rooting your phone, here’s how to get that screen capture. You are, unfortunately going to need a computer and a USB cable – what I’ll describe here is the process for doing this on Windows 7 32 bit, but it should still work on 64 bit.

Update #1 – Much of the information covered here is for any Android device covered in the SDK you download. I have tested this process with a number of devices and found only the Kobo Vox to go unrecognized so far.

Also of note: the newest version (4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich) introduces a method of screen capture native to the Operating System. Obtaining a screen capture in ICS involves holding down the POWER and DOWN VOLUME keys at the same time. Once the capture is taken, you’ll hear a sound and see an animation.

Want A Samsung Galaxy Tab On WIND Mobile? Here’s How

I’ve wanted this one from the first time I saw it. The new tablet from Samsung called Galaxy Tab. While the device is certainly not stacking up favorably against the iPad in various reviews, I still see allot of great utility in this – and possibly the device that makes me ditch my phone – and converge book reading, phone (*) and email among other things. The Galaxy Tab is the first real major Android tablet. If, however, you are a WIND Mobile user – there are a number of things you need to watch out for right now if you want one of these.

Android-x86 On A Netbook, Is It Ready? A Review.

android x86The recent flood of Android-based smartphones and tablets is starting to really pay off for Google. Thanks to this, we are seeing a large number of devices that may not exactly fit the Android use-case, but are nonetheless interesting. I have recently been very interested in the Android tablet and/or Netbook scenario. Why is this more interesting than ChromeOS or some other Operating System? Android has a much more streamlined use, it’s much faster than that its Windows counterpart, and since ChromeOS isn’t exactly ready today – some may turn to Android. But, is it ready? How well does it work? I will install Android on an older Acer Aspire One netbook to see how well it runs over Windows XP.