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My First Few Days with the iPhone 6 – A Review

Apple's iPhone 6
It has to sink in. This is what I tell myself whenever I’m about to start using a new phone. Today, we use phones for just about every part of our lives, and most of us hold the phone as the last thing we’ll carry everywhere we go (beyond a wallet). On September 19th (or iPhone day), a new iPhone 6 was injected into my daily life. Here are several thoughts and observations about this new phone if you’re considering making the jump.

iOS 8: Pondering Apple’s Newest Mobile Operating System

iOS 8 Banner
Almost like clockwork, every year Apple offers a new version of it’s mobile operating system, namely iOS 8. I usually grab it right away and test out what I can. You might be considering the same, but aren’t sure if you’ll run into problems or issues. I can say, the upgrade will take forever, but so far I haven’t seen too many application compatibility issues. I might even go so far as call this a minor update, but let me explain.

Protecting Your iPhone 6 – The Best Stuff You Can Order Now

Apple's iPhone 6
With the iPhone 6 starting pre-orders Friday, one of the bigger concerns for buyers is how to best protect this expensive device. If you want to get the best resale value for your iPhone when it’s time to sell, you’l have to ensure the screen and bezel are in the best condition possible. To that end, I have made a more of an effort to keep my phones safe over the years. If you plan on keeping your shiny new iPhone 6 safe, here’s what to check out (and what you can order now).

My Thoughts on Apple’s September 2014 Event

Apple Sept 2014 Event
Apple events generally need no introduction. This time around, we expect to see quite a few changes, including Apple’s eventual move into larger smartphones and wearables. What does Apple have in store, and my thoughts on these new products? If you were one of the unfortunate people watching the live stream, don’t worry. This post won’t freeze on you or start dubbing words in Chinese over the text.

Apple’s WWDC 2014 Announcements

WWDC 14 Banner

Big Apple announcements are always greeted with interest. This time around you’ll probably have come across slew of blogs that talk about what Apple decided to release. In that vain, I guess I’m no different; but, as a user and supporter of most of Apple’s technologies, I’m usually in a position to offer some insight into how the uptake might be on this stuff. Without further adieu, let me get into what seems like a mostly software edition of WWDC.

Useful Free Note-taking Tool “OneNote” Released For OS X

Microsoft OneNote for OS XIf you were taking notes on your Mac, you might use a local native text editor such as TextWrangler. But, that’s just text. If you wanted more, with some font and cloud capabilities, you might look to Apple’s iCloud Notes. It’s in the cloud, and you can use the notes on all your Apple devices. Jumping into this game, Microsoft has introduced their own cloud-based note-taking application for OS X called OneNote.

Apple’s iPad Air Event

Apple's iPad Air Event InvitationMost unusually, I missed Apple’s most recent event. This was not because I didn’t want to see it; It was more about being busy with other things. Sometimes it does feel like both events and work requirements are in a constant competition and the Apple event usually wins. So, after I was able to take a closer look at this event, I thought I’d offer some thoughts about what’s new and interesting from Apple.

iPhone 5s’s fingerprint reader

iPhone 5s Touch ID sensor explodedDespite what John Gruber asserts, criticisms of the Touch ID fingerprint reader appear accurate. If the purpose of this new tool is to reduce friction on the login process, it does succeed; but, if the purpose is zero friction, Touch ID fails. I’ve had the new iPhone 5s for about a week now, and I’ve been using the new fingerprint scanner as my default unlocking option. What follows are some observations on how this works, and what you might expect with this new tool.