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First Look: Copy – a new Cloud Storage Service

Copy LogoIf the number of cloud storage services is making you go batty, my mention of Cloud is probably not going to help that. The recent explosion in cloud storage options has been nothing less than insane. Here on the blog we’ve discussed all sorts of tools like MegaDropbox, Cubby, Insync, and even Bitcasa. When I heard Barracuda Networks was getting into the cloud storage game, I was curious how this might look. I’ll show you more about Copy, how it compares to Dropbox and what features make it unique. At the end of the article, I’ll show you how to double your initial storage space of 5 GB (for a limited time).

First Look: Mega Cloud Service

Kim Dotcom and designers of Mega

Do you remember where you were when Megaupload was shut down? While the event wouldn’t really rival that of a Kennedy shooting – loosing the popular file sharing site on January 19, 2012 was a massive blow to Internet traffic at the time. After the site was brought down by authorities (working in multiple countries), Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom started working his next project, the appropriately named Mega. Today, on the anniversary of the shut down – Mega was launched and I was able to take a closer look at this new service.

BitCasa: A Review

As an early Beta invitee to Bitcasa, I was pretty excited. This new service promised the next evolution in online cloud storage – the unlimited space cloud storage. Because  was bound by a non-disclosure agreement – I couldn’t bring the details to you until the product was released fully. Also, since much of the time I’m spending with this is based on a Beta test – take what I describe as stuff that could get change or fixed in new releases.

First Look: Cubby – A New Cloud Storage Tool


The pace of cloud file storage application releases have been fast and furious. Now that Google’s Drive is here and some of the more popular services in this space are Dropbox (Sign up here and get 500mb free), SugarSync, Bitcasa, and Box.Net. Today, I was invited to check out a new file storage service from the creators of Logmein called Cubby and I wanted to take a look at how this works.

Insync May Get You To Ditch DROPBOX For Good

Don’t get me wrong, Dropbox is great. You get a free 2gb allotment of space, you get a free sync tool that can run on your PC or mac device and there are apps galore for access to those files. The many things you can do with Dropbox are underscored by some of the services that are out there – like Dropbox Automater, a sort of IFTTT for Dropbox. Sure, Dropbox has had some bad press over the last year, but as a service, it’s pretty amazing. Thanks to a new tool called Insync, there is an interesting alternative now.

Review: Google’s Music Service – Is The Cloud Ready Ror Music? [Updated]

You can imagine my delight, as I’m watching Techcrunch Disrupt, to get an invitation to join Google music. Indeed, I would love too. Google’s Music service (currently in beta) is billed as a cloud-based music storage location that also doubles as a player, music sharing service and playlist maker. The catch, however, was that Google Music is not currently available in Canada. That didn’t stop me. Let’s take a look at this new service.

Killer App Idea: Multi Hosted Cloud Storage Interface

Think about that for a second, Multi Hosted Cloud Storage Interface. That’s quite a mouthful isn’t it? This idea hit me as I was registering for yet another cloud storage solution, what if someone created something novel and different from all of these services? The idea would be to create a (possibly encrypted) set of data and span it over a number of cloud storage solutions to create one unified and mountable storage location. (Think of it as adding a drive letter to My Computer in Windows). Let’s take a closer look at this after the jump.

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