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The Internet is an Evil Place

Today, the tectonic rumblings of what Donald Trump might have done to whom probably drowned out a interesting news from a celebrity. He’s Pete Davidson, a funny guy who’s known for his SNL performances and currently being engaged to Ariana Grande. He quit the internet, and left a great message while signing off (emphasis mine):

“No nothing happened. No there’s nothing cryptic about anything. I just don’t wanna be on Instagram anymore. Or on any social media platform. The internet is an evil place and it doesn’t make me feel good,” the comedian said. “Why should I spend any time on negative energy when my real life is f***ing lit. The fact that I even have to say this proves my point. I love you all and I’m sure I’ll be back at some point. :) your neighborhood goon, Pete.”

This was probably something you didn’t know or track in the cacophony of celebrity news, but Davidson has signalled something that few have done. He’s at the beginning of the end of public figures on the Internet, and frankly, the Internet is an evil place.

Highlighting the Good: Teksavvy

Teksavvy Logo

One familiar refrain amongst all Canadian Internet users when talking about service levels is “There’s nothing we can do”. We’re resigned to bad connections, routing devices that appear untested, over-priced services, and systems that are truly hellish. Big companies operate as if they were monopolies. In fact, you don’t have to go far to find horror stories. If you even look at the history of my blog, you’ll see that I write much more about negative topics than positive. The challenge, I find, is surfacing the good stories, so they can also compete for attention just as much. This is a story about Teksavvy.

Redefining Viral

Sure, this blog isn’t exactly an entertainment site, but I do love movies. In fact, I spent a great deal of time writing 45+ articles for MovieViral (for free, no less – perhaps that’s another blog). But, this landscape is changing fast, from movies, to short films, to long-form serial television, to shows released from online services. In fact, the show Powers was released on the Playstation network – a gaming company. I’m interested in all types of entertainment, from the more obscure indie, to the blockbuster, to all the amazing science fiction. But, what do we call viral content in the Internet age?

Stop Worrying, and Learn to Love Free WiFi

WiFi logoInspired by David Precht’s great article on Medium about the ethics of using coffee shops, I really wanted to look at this idea of using free Wifi in these sorts of establishments.  As coffee lover, blogger, and a rather rabid Internet user, I’m likely the category these companies target. With more and more of us working for ourselves from home, we’re increasingly plunking our collective butts down in the local Starbucks, ordering a drink and connecting. By my count, the numbers coffee shop and fast food chains that offer free Wifi in Canada are increasing rapidly. In fact, I am sitting in a coffee shop as I write this.

Can We Be Protected From Internet Thieves?

Dan-3Today, I stumbled across a fascinating conversation on Facebook. This was on well-known disc jockey Dan Freeman’s profile as he discussed how disappointed he was that someone had modified and shared a picture he’d taken for his photography company name TDfoto (Facebook, Web) – without attributing  the source or giving him or TDfoto credit. Dan’s disappointment was evident when he decided to share (and post) this modified image and express his thoughts on sharing.

I thought, wow, this is interesting. What are Dan’s expectation of how the Internet works? Can people be protected from those who pilfer creations online?

Basics: The Key Elements Of A Domain or Website

BasicsInternetSo, you have a website or domain and are hosting useful services like email, a website and possibly even cloud storage. This is all great, but the day comes when you want to make changes or an expiry happens and the “Hosting” word rears it’s ugly head. Who is hosting my servers? What do I need to have a website or keep it online? What are all the key elements of a domain or website? Look no further, I will explain this (and more).

Internet Access In Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Being that of a geek, or at least one who needs a fairly constant Internet connection to operate CWL  – I am very interested in the state of Internet access in the towns and cities visit. One such location that I often find myself in is Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Every time I return, the options improve- sometimes in major ways. Here’s  how my recent trip in December 2011 went connection-wise.

Ever Lose Your Domain Name? Meet Asad From techaol.com Who Lost It To AOL

While stories of companies and people loosing domain names to big companies are all too common these days – I had never met a person who actually had this happen to them. When I met Asad in Toronto on a recent trip from California, he shared this experience. He registered a domain TECHAOL.COM a few years ago and had it taken from him by America Online. Take a look at the brief video interview below. Please accept my apologies for the poor lighting in the video.

Is There A Way To Stop “Internet Broken Telephone”?

bpBroken Telephone. You’ve heard of that before right? When one person tells a story and the next person re-tells that same story, parts of it change. By the time many people have told the story – the most recent version you hear bears little or no resemblance to the original. You can certainly blame this on creative storytelling – but it’s clear that there is something very human about getting things wrong. With the Internet, the broken telephone is taking on a new life with details outright changed or removed.

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