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Why I Sold My iPad

I have a read a few blogs about why others have sold or returned their iPads and I really thought I should add my perspective into this mix. The iPad is the uber-popular tablet computing device created by Apple and sold in the bazillions. I purchased an iPad sometime in April and kept it until very recently. At some point I realized, all I was doing was using a more convenient (and fairly expensive) means of consuming content. Something I was already doing, but the iPad made the experience better. That was just something I decided I didn’t need any more. Oh, and I wanted the money too.

Use Google Reader On Your iPad? Here’s How To Get Full Keyboard Support

You just got your shiny new iPad and plugged it in, you even hightailed it to the couch to relax while using it. Your WiFi connection is good, now it’s time to check out the news on trusty Google Reader.  To your surprise Google Reader doesn’t support keyboard shortcuts, nor does it support the “sent to” menu. Until Google does, here’s how to do it (without having to install a paid iPad app).

Ordering A US-Based iPad From Toronto – My Experience

iPadI needed to get one. You may be just like me and you NEED to get one. What I speak of is that shiny new gadget called the iPad. It was available for pre-order in the U.S. on March 12, but us saps here an Canada can’t officially get on until the end of April. I didn’t let that stop me though, I had to get one I did some research and here’s how I got a new iPad shipped to me here in Toronto. Use this advice with caution, your mileage may vary.

iPad In Canada: Take Two: The Pre-Release Edition

iPad1-06The iPad is due to be unleashed on us Canucks this Friday. Will you be buying one? After my last, short experience with a iPad, I really wanted to get my hands on another one. Having only 24 hours to work with the last time, didn’t give me the time to really sink my teeth into using this thing. This time, I might even have it permanently. In fact, I will type this entire blog on this new iPad to really get a feel for how well the iPad keyboard works and feels.

One of the First Apple iPads in Canada – Here’s What I Think

iPad1-01As one of the few Canadians who have had the chance to see and use and iPad, I felt honored to have it finally in my hands. This device will not be available here in Toronto until sometime in May – so imagine my joy at getting to play now. I really wanted to see what the hype was all about. I had heard and seen many reports – but for many, the mantra had been “You have to see it and touch it to understand how amazing it is”. So, today, I will do that.