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The Odd Phenomenon Of Vapid Articles


I’ve gotta say, writing can be some of the most difficult things I’ve ever tried to do. Some of the stuff I’ve written can easily (by most means) be considered garbage. Making something coherent and readable takes a certain command of the language as well as having some sort of story to tell. This might have always existed, but I seeing more and more a rise in articles, posts and other online information written in a language that is english, but not quite completely english. From that, there is also the backlash that tends to arise – some of it downright nasty. I’m sure you’ve seen them too, the articles that look like they might be useful, but ultimately fail a substance test.

3D Printing: Scary, Or A New Frontier?

The lower portion of this gun was created on a 3D printer

You really can’t go anywhere without hearing the bad news about gun violence. Recently, 12 (*) people were killed in a shooting rampage in Colorado at a movie showing. Locally, in Toronto, we’ve had our share of recent gun violence including a shooting in the Eaton Centre and at Scarborough house party. These horrible crimes are being committed with guns in what feels like increasing frequency. Parallel to this though, is a news story that a man has successfully created and fired a .22 pistol with a 3D Printer. The printer used was apparently created in the 1990’s, which is real test of enduring technology. Given that 3D printing is becoming cheaper and cheaper, and access to blueprints is apparently more readily available – it appears as though we’re on the cusp of a major technological shift.

If It Isn’t News, Then What Is It?

Newsman In Front Of CameraI’ve taken a little time to step back and ponder what it is that happens here on this blog. Can this really be called “tech news”? Can it be that we’re a “how to” site?. Is it more of a “product review” site? Should it be said that this is more about punditry and the “curation” of information? This and other questions have been on my mind as I have been struggling to clearly define what you might expect when that browser you’ve chosen lands on this blog page. So, let me explain.

New And Cool: Songza Caters Music To Your Mood

Songza LogoTo most of us, music is integral to our way of life. We hear it at home, on the radio in the car, waiting for appointments – even in places like the elevator. Music is all around us. More than likely, we’re in two modes of listening: Hearing what someone else chose from a popular mix or some other targeted way or hearing what we’ve chosen sitting on our computers or listening devices. But, with the advent of music listening services like Spotify, Rdio, and Pandora – a new world of music discovery has opened up. How is it possible that this could have been improved upon? Songza looks to have done just that.

Microsoft Reveals New Tablet Named Surface


With an event shrouded in lots of mystery and looking like it was haphazardly arranged (the event was apparently announced very last minute) – Microsoft turned out something quite significant today. Much of the lead-up press for this announcement mentioned a tablet that may, or may not have Windows RT and may, or may not be called Xbox Surface. That was all clarified when a tablet simply named “Surface” was announced.

Is Blogging Journalism?

Journalism-DefiniitionOn a basic level, I do think blogging is a journalistic endeavour. More so today than at any other time in history. After reading a piece by Peter Nowak wherein he says blogging cannot be journalism without an editor – I wanted to respond to that idea. It’s not a bad idea (heck, he may even be right) – but I disagree. And, while, I have never had an editor, I can certainly say I’ve seen enough of traditional journalism and just outright poorly written articles that seemly include the use of editors. If we consider the above definition, journalism can never be a blog. But, if we consider journalists as members of the Fourth Estate – this definition changes. Blogs with or without editors can claim to be journalists, and I’ll explain why.

The Royal Canadian Mint Wants To Remake Currency With MintChip

MintChipRecently, fascinating news was released about Canadian currency. Yes, stopping the minting of Pennies was a big (and international) news item for many. But, the bigger news for us appears to be a new kind of currency called MintChip. The recent news revolves around a new challenge to create a smartphone application and/or make use of a new API. What I’m curious about is more about this new currency and what it means for Canadians.

Facebook Pages Are Changing. Are you ready?

Facebook-LogoYou may not have been aware, but today – Marc 30, 2012 – the Timeline feature become effective on all Facebook Pages. Although I’m sure Facebook doesn’t like to use the word “forced”, I’m sure you can figure out how things turn out if you don’t want the timeline. You might have noticed CWL’s Facebook page was on timeline before the switch (you had the option to opt-in early), but I imagine many are just going to have the take the pain. Are you ready for these changes?