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Windows 8: Changes To Expect For The Power User

Windows8 LogoI’ve been through so many different parts of Windows 8 now that I think I’ve seen a good part of it. During my use of this new Operating System, I’d been very curious about the new Metro interface. Heck, I’ve even written about it twice. What Metro is not, however, a feature that power users or administrators will love to use. I decided to look a little deeper into Windows 8 to see what kinds of new stuff is there for power users and administrators.

You’re Wrong, It’s Not Apple’s Fault [Path Address Book Scandal]

Path-LogoI do feel bad right now for all those users of Path on the iPhone that had address book details uploaded to Path’s servers stealthy and in the background. Consequently, this has cause Path’s current CEO to write a sincere apology blog and ultimately delete user data and update the Path application. As the fallout continues, I notice how much of the echo chamber is calling this a failure of Apple to secure user’s address book. Apple can be blamed for many things, but this is not Apple’s fault.

The War On Cyberlockers, Part 1

FBi-WarningAs many of you have heard, the file sharing service has been shut down and owners of the service have been arrested in a large scale operation labelled “Mega Conspiracy”. What you find instead of Megaupload site now is an FBI takedown notice. This news has been widely circulated in major news outlets recently and comes just as many online protesters claimed a win after getting the U.S. Government to back off on SOPA. If you’re curious, take a look at the full 72-page indictment. What’s fascinating about this case is the ramifications across the board for file sharing sites or “Cyberlockers” and what appears to be a huge attack in an apparent war on Cyberlockers. Many have become concerned about seemingly legitimate Cyberlocker sites like DropBox.

First Look: Reading And Publishing With Google Currents

Google-Currents-logoThis small news app from Google really came out under the radar for me (and that’s saying something). Google Currents is a news reading application made for the iPhone/iPad and Android. While this application is only available in the United States, you can still get your hands on it. So, why would Google – already offering a newsreader – offer another news reader? Is this a better experience than Google Reader? Read on for more about this interesting new application.

Trend: Book Sharing

Book-Lending-LogoSurely you have heard of Electronic Books? You may have also heard of those unscrupulous few who download books they haven’t paid for? But, have you heard of Book Sharing? As it turns out, the process of lending purchased books is starting to really take off thanks to sites like Book Lending and devices that make it easier to share books (like Amazon’s Kindle). When you lend a book to another person, that person generally has 14 days to read it before the book is removed from their device. Take a look are more about book lending from The Globe & Mail and the Toronto Public Library Overdrive service.

Update – Feb 27th: Book lending is covered in a great Wall Street Journal article.

We’re Back! A New Logo, A New Blog And A New Attitude

Having taken a break early on in January, I’m back feeling quite refreshed and ready to hit you with ALLOT more info, tips, news and (hopefully) my spin on what’s going on in the world of technology. 2010 was a great year for blogging here at Calwell, but I needed to make it better. So, this year, I’m going to change things up a significant amount. You know, keep you guys on your toes.  Here’s a rundown of some of  the changes you see very shortly:

Year In Review: I Look at Technology In 2010

CWL Logo Web

Twenty-Ten will go down in history as much more than ending the first decade of this new millennium. This year we saw the leaking of copious amounts of oil, WikiLeaks: leaking copious amounts of government data and a massive earthquake damage in Haiti. 2010 will also be remembered for all of the amazing and interesting technology news – from the introduction of the iPad, to the nuances of privacy, to the rise of Android (and fall of RIM), to the domination by Facebook of practically every form of media (Howard Stern beware). Join me as I take a look at the big stories of 2010.

Getting ready for Windows 7 – from IT Department’s perspective

Windows 7 logoYou may have heard of the next version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system called “Windows 7”. This new version is Microsoft’s follow-up to the rather underwhelming Windows Vista. Windows 7 has been in development for some time now, and the release is shortly upon us – it has just been announced that Windows 7 will be released on Oct. 22, 2009.

Link: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Timelines

You are likely to see a lot of information about this in the media over the coming months, but I thought I might try and cut through the noise and give you a rundown of what you’ll expect and what you’ll need to prepare for as with this new operating system.