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Amazon’s Fire Phone: Hot Or Not

Amazon's Fire Phone

I’m coming into this a bit late, but I feel like it was important to digest all the information about this new phone. If you missed it, last week Amazon announced a new Android-based phone named “Fire Phone”. This ultra-super-secret phone was probably an inevitability, but until it was announced, nobody really knew for sure. If you thought this was shades of Facebook Home, you would be right. I thought I’d take a look at what’s good, and what’s bad about Amazon’s announcement.

Fix: Updating Google Translate To 2.x On Your HTC T-mobile G2

One super-annoying problem that I’ve come across (and seen all over the Internetteys) is the FAIL of an update process for Google Translate on the T-Mobile shipped G2 phone. With new features in Google Translate in version 2.0 like Conversation View, you really want to get your hands on this application. Attempting to do a straight update will cause you to get a number of error messages and will cause Translate to disable one of the main features – the ability to say or speak translated text. Here’s how you can fix this issue on your G2 phone.

Using an Unlocked Phone in Venezuela

Using an unlocked GSM cell phone. I’ve known this was possible for some time, but I had not really attempted to do it. When I recently purchased a Blackberry Bold smartphone unlocked, I planned to attempt local roaming of data instead of using Rogers for this purpose. A note: Getting an unlocked phone can be a bit daunting, if you have it unlocked by a third party or buy your phone used, make sure the unlocking process works (if you need to, have the seller do it in front of you) and also ensure you get the unlock code.

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