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Meet the business world’s riskiest user - Jeff

Just like medical journals, it seems like every new day brings some new report or another on the “state” of technology. Some reports are “nothing is secure, and you can never be secure“, while others take a more alarmist “secure everything” approach. I’m always sceptical when I hear of these things. They’re flashy, push people’s buttons, and generally feel like squeeze pages for a larger sales tactic. In fact, the first thing they should disclose is what they sell. At CWL we provide technology support services, so this topic is one that I’m acutely interested in. That said, there are often good things to glean from even the worst.

My Advice To New Technology Workers

Hi folks. I’ve been away far too long with no updates. For that, I do apologize. I promise to work harder on giving you more thoughts and ideas from the edge of whatever this is. Today, I thought it might be interesting to show you something I sent to someone who is interested in getting involved with technology. I had sit down with him to discuss what I do, and possibly get him thinking about what he might do. I don’t often find myself being asked for advice, so that was cool. What follows is our brief email exchange (and my advice to him) for better or worse.

Searching For The Real CES [2014]

CES 2014 LogoI was at this show in 1997. DVD technology had been announced the year before and dual layer movies had started to gain traction. I was at CES to demo a multimedia computer I helped develop [1] that would ultimately morph into something like the Apple TV product of today. If you’re interested in technology news, the Internet is full of articles that summarize what was at CES this year, and what kinds of trends to watch. My perspective is that this coverage leans to a different slant – more than the products themselves. I think people want to know about more than just hype and flashy products. 17 years later in Las Vegas, I wanted to find the real CES.

2014 CES: What I’m looking forward to

CES 2014 LogoGenerally considered the largest technology show, the Consumer  Electronics Show (CES) is about to descend on all of us in technology. If you’re looking for what’s next, or what might be coming far off into the future, CES is the place to be. Much will be said in the technology industry after the show is over  (and during announcements – right, Michael Bay?). Over the week, I’ll be bringing you more from the show, but for now – I’m going to look at what kinds of stuff I’m most looking forward to this year.

1. Nanotech – Technology related to protecting devices really made a big splash last year, but I haven’t heard much since. For something that seemed to have so much promise, I’m curious what we’ll see this year at CES.

OPP Expands Troubling Vehicle Tracking Program

Ontario Provincial Police LogoNews that the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) intend to expand their Licence Plate Recognition Program (ALPR) from 4 to 27 vehicles is more than troubling. Interestingly, they say:

“Ontario motorists expect to be protected from unsafe drivers, but also not to be tracked as they go about their daily lives….when a scanned license plate does not match the list of unsafe drivers, it will be deleted from the system within minutes.”

5 Things You Can Learn From a Compulsive Technology Switcher

Electrical Knife SwitchI’m what you might call a technology “switcher”. I switch phones, tablets and computers often. Sure, part of that process revolves around writing column about what I use. But, some of it is because I’m rather compulsive. I feel that, to truly understand a piece of technology, it has to become part of your everyday life; not just something you test on the side. So, on a regular basis, I can be found moving all of my data and applications from one device to another. Given this exaggerated need to switch, I thought I would share some of the strategies I use to make sure I can pick up and move forward quickly.

We Need to Bring Cheques Into the 21st Century

A Cheque from 1905

Today, I had to deposit a cheque (or check in America). As a business owner, this is a common occurrence. In the age of electronic transfers, NFC Payments, and Interac Online – we still use these pieces of paper to transfer money to each other. It’s high time the banks upgraded this process.

The cheque itself has been around forever – they themselves were created as an improvement on money. As long as I’ve ever banked, I’ve written and received cheques and had to decide between “savings” or “chequing” accounts. If you think about it, those two aren’t mutually exclusive.

The Mental Health Panacea?

Of the massive amount of recent dialog, some of it has focused on weapons – but some of it has focused on mental health. To be sure, we all know that a problem exists, but few of us know what (or why) it happens. Why do we all have this sense that the collective mental health of North Americans has been eroding? Dr. Peter Whybrow appears to have some of those answers. In an interview with Pacific Standard, he talks about how we’ve become manic through stimulus:

“The computer is electronic cocaine for many people,” says Whybrow. “Our brains are wired for finding immediate reward. With technology, novelty is the reward. You essentially become addicted to novelty.”

10 Most Important Technology Stories Of 2012

The year is drawing to a close and it’s a good time to reflect on the more important technology, hardware, software and news stories of 2012. It’s been something of a mixed bag, from financial news, to hardware releases, to a failing smartphone giant. We saw lots of new stuff, litigation and involvement from The Law. More than that though, one thing is sure to be quickly forgotten about 2012: The Mayans prognostication skills. Here, in no particular order, are the 1 most important technology news stories of 2012.

Black Friday Deals We’re Watching

At Blogging Calwell, we’re up in the Canadian province of Ontario, but we still see our share of various deals and interesting sales (on both sides of the border). Leading up to this event, we thought we’d give you a short rundown of some that we’re tracking and may end up taking advantage of. Feel free to add your own deals to the comments section of this article.