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One Year of Newsletters: Lessons Learned

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Last year I had an idea: Create a really, really high quality newsletter. Reading technology related news is a daily and rigorous ritual for me, so why not take that effort and synthesize it into a curated list of “What to Read“? Many others are doing this, of course, but I felt the value for readers was to get it from your trusted technical advisor (I manage technology for a number of small and medium sized businesses). For many years this voracious appetite for news and information was only for myself, but I knew it was time to change that. Time to share this with the world.

The Big Blog Spring Cleaning

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Starting yesterday, I have embarked on a process of cleaning up most of the 540 posts I’ve done here on the blog. This process aims to fix a number of messy things left after a large migration from Google’s Blogger. I ask for your patience in this painful and manual process.

My Google Reader Replacement Odyssey

Google Reader LogoWhen we first found out about Google’s plan to shut down its Reader product, many of us who used the tool were shocked and disappointed. Surely Google knew that many of the same people who were power users and promote the work they did – also used the very powerful and capable Reader tool to read and discover news? Well, barring a last-minute reprieve, we’re going to lose Google Reader on July 1st. This is an account of some of what I’ve done to replace this important and useful tool during these months – and tool I eventually settled on.

Update Windows 8, Get Outlook 2013 RT

Outlook 2013If you update Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, Microsoft is also going to give you Outlook 2013 RT. In the post they also say:

Outlook 2013 RT will be available on Windows RT tablets as part of the free Windows 8.1 update coming later this year.

Incredible news for users; but even more, Microsoft has to be the only company with the balls to offer a full productivity application in an Operating System update. I see that process backfiring when the time comes for support calls. Users today are unnecessarily hooked on Outlook’s interface (which is why a Metro version of it would never work).

Our Custom Domain Short URLs Are Now With bit.ly

bitly-1URL shorteners – they’re great for turning a very long link into something much shorter and easier to work with. For a long time, I’ve used the service Google provides with Apps Engine called Google Short Links (not to be confused with Google’s Public Shortener). The key has always been trying to make very short links with the cwl.cc domain. With Google, the shortest I can get is three characters before the first period, so I chose url.cwl.cc. There had to be something better out there, and I found it in bit.ly.

News: A Blog Change Is Coming!

Change is afoot! – We’re moving to https://cwl.cc

We’ve had a great run on Google’s Blogger. The site is fairly easy to configure, and, over the years Blogger has revamped the dashboard, added permalinks and improved nearly every part of the site. And, through it all, this blog has featured stories about some of the many features and annoyances found in Blogger.

Yet, it is still lacking the kind of power we really needed. With some lingering bugs and an inability to really customize this blog, it was time to move on to another solution. This solution had to be easy to administer, customize, secure and allow all of Blogging Calwell’s writers the freedom to focus on the writing, not the technology behind it.

CWL: 10 Years Of Technology


In the humble beginnings of what would become CWL Inc., I could never have imagined how this would have turned out. If someone were to have said “Kevin, you’ll still be directing a company you started a decade ago” – I might have laughed it off. And, in those years, I have seen the company through a great deal of change and growth. The singular focus on providing the very best to every client has been both challenging and incredibly rewarding over the years. I can say that I never thought I’d be writing this article ten years ago! Today, on September 17th, 2012, CWL is ten years old. Now, that’s something to celebrate.

300: A Milestone For Blogging CWL

300-MovieThis is, as they say, a milestone. I had a feeling this might happen, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon. Since moving this blog over to Blogger – and there have been a few changes over the years – This will mark my 300th post. That’s really not too shabby for something that lacked a general direction, ideas and any sort of audience not so long ago. This has meaning too, because we’re somewhere around the middle of the year and I can safely say it’s been the best year ever for this blog. So, join me as I take a look at some of the past, present, and the future of Blogging Calwell.

CONTEST (2010) Update: A Winner Has Been Chosen!

It has been a few weeks and this contest has finally come to an end. I reached out to everyone to guess the amount in my change jar. During this process, I realized this wasn’t an easy task either. In the beginning I had expected a perfect guess. Seriously, I really thought someone would give me the exact amount. While this was certainly possible – it turned out that none of the guesses I received were exactly right.

There are no more results.