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You may have come here from time-to-time to see blogs about technology or contests – but did you know that we write software too? There haven’t been too many updates on that front, but I’d like to add another (hopefully) useful utility that you can download and use. This is a little old – I know, but hasn’t been out there in some time.


How NOT To Encourage Blog Comments

I came across a very interesting blog called Scripting News by a person named Dave Winer. He has all sorts of points about RSS, Blogging and, of course, scripting. I don’t know him, I’ve never met him. I did, however, come across a blog named “The tech industry is update-happy” (link) where he just bitches and moans about software updates. I decided I would comment on his blog, and he did the worst thing a blogger can do to their readers.

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Google Reader Changes – What To Expect [Updated]

The RSS Reading “community” is still talking about the proposed changes in Google Reader (expected today). I, too, am interested in how this new Reader product is going to look and wether this new product will be usable as the Google Reader we’re used to today. I did want to talk about what this will mean for me, an avid Google Reader user and why the kind of FUD out there is probably not warranted. Heck, there’s even a petition to stop these changes.