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Apple’s iPad Mini Event – October 2012

Apple's iPad Mini Event

Widely expected to be an announcement of a new 7.85-inch iPad form factor – Apple today held an event with the tagline “We’ve got a little more to show you”. Join us here as we look at what’s new and what’s ahead for Apple’s new announcements. Starting at 1:00 PM Eastern time, the event is likely not to be live streamed. Keep it here for details for what’s announced and my thoughts on those announcements.

The 2012 Apple iPhone Announcement (Live)

Apple 2012 InvitationApple is suffering from a great deal of things these days. Certainty not a lack of money, that’s for sure. But, Apple has is a centerpiece of technology now, and all eyes are on it to deliver at such a pace that it’s become absurd. Take the probable launch of an iPhone – just the mere rumour of this product launching is enough to hurt sales of Apple’s previous phone product. Apple is also has it’s users on an ever changing merry-go-round that seems to never stop. Apple’s products have to have the shortest lifespan of all technology because of this ever speedy cycle of new products and upgrades. Today, we have a new announcement – let’s see what’s in store.

Apple’s 2012 WWDC Event [Live]

WWDC-2012-LogoIt can be crazy, but the media attention surrounding any Apple event ramps up like something Evel Knievel might’ve been ready to jump. It is important to keep it all in some perspective. These are product announcements, some that won’t even be released today – but still just announcements. For that reason, the fervor for all that is Apple should generally tempered with a dose of reality. Why am I doing this when there are other great places to get updates on this event? I’m here to give my own perspective on the proceedings.

Apple’s Big iPad 2 Event: The Details For Us Canadians

You may have heard about the Apple Event today. The rumor is, that the Pad 2 would be announced with all sorts of new features, one of them include a high resolution screen, a larger screen, a slimmer and lighter profile, support for usb and/or sdcards and possibly the addition of a light peak port. Since Apple currently own a 97% market share in tablets, the iPad 2 is going to be a big deal. Join me as I discuss what’s new today and what it takes to get one to Canada now and in the future.

Google I/O May 20, 2010 [LiveBlog]

Google IO 2010 LogoIt’s coming! Today should be the big announcement of Froyo, Google’s newest Operating System. I’ll be LiveBlogging this event today. Check here for updates as it happens. if you would like to watch the keynote yourself, check it out here.
It’s started, again I missed the start of the keynote. I should stop answering the phone.. :)

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