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Review: Dell XPS 17 Laptop

XPS17The Dell XPS 17 laptop is huge, so massive, you really need two hands to pick it up. But, despite the size (or because of it) you’re treated to a huge, wide screen, a full size keyboard with a number pad and allot of wrist space. Given how big this is, you might be surprised how sleek the outside looks. There is a nice metal sheen on the palm rests too. Today, I’m going to take a closer look at the XPS 17 laptop by Dell.

Quickbooks Online: A First Look

One product that seems perpetually locked to the world of desktop software is that of the Accounting Package. Sure, there are CRM applications like Salesforce that have made the “Cloud” more viable for that market. But, in the small to mid-sized business market – the dominant tools for accounting still remain desktop versions of Simply Accounting, Quickbooks or BusinessVision. Intuit is looking to change all that with a new product seemingly targeted to Canadian Businesses that the desktop version of Quickbooks might handle. With a 30-day trial of the product, I decided to take a look at the product and see how well it works.

eReader Review: Kobo Vox

Vox-1The Android operating system is everywhere. Android is popping up on so many different devices that it’s only natural to see it on eReaders too. In this case, the $199 (cdn) Kobo Vox sold here in Canada by Chapters and Indigo stores. This eReader is the new color model that complements two other black and white devices. Full current specs of this device can be found here. The Kobo itself is a 7-inch fringe field switching (FFS+) LCD screen and android 2.3.3 with WiFi b/g/n access for access to the Indigo eBooks library. What did I think of this device after checking it out? Read on for my impressions.

Automating Log Analysis With LogParser, Log Parser Lizard And SendEmail

It has to be the most annoying and difficult task any  admin (or otherwise) needs to perform. The task of viewing and gleaning information from log files. I’ll look at the two more common types of log files that Windows users often have to look into: IIS and Event Viewer logs. How to get the data you need out of them, and how to analyze the information in them with tools that are freely available. Once you have the data, how to get it out (via email). You may choose to use commercial utilities such as Sawmill – but you might be surprised at how much can be done for free!