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Apple’s Activation Lock is Bogus

Activation Lock

Activation lock is a service in Apple’s iOS and iOS compatible devices that (when enabled), keeps a device from being setup or reinstalled while  still registered in Apple’s iCloud. I recently face an iPad Mini that was legitimately owned, but mostly bricked because of this feature. I’ll show you how to get around this, and why it’s one of Apple’s worst ideas. 

iOS 8: Pondering Apple’s Newest Mobile Operating System

iOS 8 Banner
Almost like clockwork, every year Apple offers a new version of it’s mobile operating system, namely iOS 8. I usually grab it right away and test out what I can. You might be considering the same, but aren’t sure if you’ll run into problems or issues. I can say, the upgrade will take forever, but so far I haven’t seen too many application compatibility issues. I might even go so far as call this a minor update, but let me explain.

Apple’s iPad Air Event

Apple's iPad Air Event InvitationMost unusually, I missed Apple’s most recent event. This was not because I didn’t want to see it; It was more about being busy with other things. Sometimes it does feel like both events and work requirements are in a constant competition and the Apple event usually wins. So, after I was able to take a closer look at this event, I thought I’d offer some thoughts about what’s new and interesting from Apple.

Apple’s WWDC Event 2013

WWDC 2013 LogoIf there is one event to cover every year, you couldn’t go wrong with an Apple event. Happening June 10 at 10am PST, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is expected to draw the attention of everyone in tech seeking out what’s next in technology.  Right now, Apple is at somewhat of a disadvantage as products like Android are leaping ahead with new tools and wearable devices. Much of the speculation about this event revolves around a possible watch and a new iPhone.

Upgrade An Already Jailbroken iOS Device From 5.0.1 to 5.1.1

Jailbreak-LogoOne of the more under-explained processes related to Jailbreaking an iOS device is that of performing an upgrade from an already jailbroken iOS device. It seems like most of the instructions you’ll find are leaving out huge pieces of information about the process and what you might lose. Well, look no further because I have the details you’ll want here. In this case I’m upgrading an already jailbroken 5.0.1 iPhone 4S to iOS 5.1.1 using a Mac. The jailbreak and tools are specific, but I think that this process will apply to other iOS devices like iPads as long as a jailbreak for the iOS version you’re upgrading to exists.

Review: iPad (3rd Generation)

iPad-3rdGenApple’s tablet has seen better days with the technology press. This new tablet doesn’t feature any show-stopping new toys (as did previous incarnations). But, this is Apple, so you often have to see it to believe it. Join me as I get my hands on a new iPad determine if it’s worth the $519+ (in Canada) for a new one.

You should also know, for some inexplicable reason, it took me more than a week to open the box. Perhaps I just wanted to collect my thoughts before trying this new device. Sometimes I’ll go against the mad rush in an attempt to let things sink in. Finally, with the box open, I give you my thoughts on the new iPad. No doubt, you’ve seen other reviews of this device – and most of them have been positive. I’ll try to give you my impressions as an IT Guy and as a person who has used every single iPad model that came out.

Buying an iPad Now?: New, Used, or Refurbished

iPadiPad 1, iPad 2, iPad new? New (3), Used, refurbished? You want an iPad but want to get the best iPad for the best possible price right now. With the release of the third generation of iPad, you now have some interesting options if you aren’t beholden to a new device. This is mainly a story for local Toronto, ON buyers, but you should be able to apply most of this  advice to other locales.

Apple’s New iPad (3) Event: Details For Canada

Apple-iPad3-EventPerhaps you have been living in an alternate universe and haven’t heard about Apple’s event happening today. Though it’s no secret that an iPad is about to be unveiled – what is not know is what else will be introduced. What does Apple have in store from us next?

Join me here as I summarize all of the Apple announcements, what is changing and – perhaps more importantly – how this will affect us here in Canada.

Apple’s Big iPad 2 Event: The Details For Us Canadians

You may have heard about the Apple Event today. The rumor is, that the Pad 2 would be announced with all sorts of new features, one of them include a high resolution screen, a larger screen, a slimmer and lighter profile, support for usb and/or sdcards and possibly the addition of a light peak port. Since Apple currently own a 97% market share in tablets, the iPad 2 is going to be a big deal. Join me as I discuss what’s new today and what it takes to get one to Canada now and in the future.