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Reviewing the PeakDesign Messenger Bag

PeakDesign's Everyday Messenger Bag

As someone who works in I.T., but is also into photography, I rely on bags for everything. Most cheap bags (hasn’t everyone had a APC bag in I.T.?) are great for storing laptops, but aren’t so great at photography gear. Camera bags too, are often not meant for computer gear. Well, thanks to some good fortune, I came across PeakDesign and their EveryDay Messenger bag. Frankly, it was a challenge to tell if this was going to be great at what I needed until I bought the thing, so hopefully if this is on your mind, I can help. Here are my thoughts on this bag.

Reviewing the Apex Computer Stand From Sano Creative

Apex Stand Graphic

Dubbed “The World’s Best Laptop Stand”, the Apex Stand arrived as a Kickstarter project. The stand was wildly successful, gaining $417,515 in pledges. I liked the idea immediately. Laptops are quite literally a pain in our necks, and this stand appeared to offer a way to make using them more ergonomic. So, in September of 2014, I backed the project. With its arrival on Feb 29th, the project was realized in a speedy 181 days.

First Look: Foldio2 – A Kickstarter-Funded Pop-Up Studio


Foldio on Kickstarter

There’s always an excitement when something new arrives. The feeling like this is the first time anyone has ever seen a thing; Like I’m part of an exclusive club. That exclusive feeling gets even stronger when the product is Kickstarter funded Foldio2. After making an initial version and funding that on Kickstarter, makers Orangemonkie came back to successfully crowdfund the second iteration: Foldio2. Join me as I take a look at this new product and share my thoughts about its usefulness.

All About ‘The FreedMan Chair’ Kickstarter

FreedmanChair-Banner1The last time I backed a project on Kickstarter, it took the form of an iPhone case called JustMount and TidyTilt+. The project was funded, a success, and the product made it’s way to me. Today, I still use the case with my device, and have been quite pleased with the results. Thinking of trying again, I came across another cool and interesting project called The Freedman Chair. This one was both more personal, because I sit so much, and more of an investment (319 British Pounds). I took the plunge and backed the project on October 27th, 2013. The Freedman Chair was successfully funded less than 48 hours later. This presented me with the opportunity to chart the progress of this project as well as share my experiences both with shipping, and the chair itself. 

First Look: Upgrading the USB Cable With BelayCords

BelayCords Reversable USBBacking Kickstarter projects can be iffy at best. I learned that when backing the The FreedMan Chair in late October of 2013. Now 527 days later, the project has yet to materialize, though they are close. The benefit of backing smaller projects appears to be how much faster they can turn a pledge into a real product. This was the case with BelayCords; A USB cable replacement for the stock Apple cable (with support for others too). With a pledge date of September 9th, 2014, the BelayCords I ordered took 210 days to arrive.

Backing my first Kickstarter project: JustMount and TidyTilt+

KickStarter-1I’m sure you, like many, have heard about a crowd-funding site named Kickstarter. The key role of Kickstarter is to help fund creative projects in all sorts of industries. Surely, technology is a showcase there, but the site includes many other creative endeavors including films, fashion, photography among many others. The process of funding a project is done by offering rewards (usually the product) and having a goal (usually the cost of production). If the project receives 100% of it’s goal, those who have paid into the project, or “backers” are billed and sent rewards. Kickstarter takes a 5% fee on the total funds collected and the project comes to life. You might think this is like a shopping site, Kickstarter is strongly against being labeled as a store.  While the many projects I’ve come across have seemed interesting – today is the first time I’ve backed one. Read on for more about my experiences with this new idea in funding.

New: Elphi Is A Great Way To Control Power Outlets

ElphiMore and more I’m seeing all sorts of incredible ideas come to life in the form of Kickstarter projects. Kickstarter (for those that have never heard of it) is a site that lets creators of projects and ideas put the ideas out to the public for funding. If the project doesn’t meet its funding goal, the people that put in money are not charged and the process starts again. Not only is this a great idea, but it’s breeding ground for some truly amazing ideas and devices (I came across the Glif on Kickstarter – here’s my take). This time, I’ve found an amazing power control and monitoring device called Elphi. Let’s take a look.

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