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BitCasa: A Review

As an early Beta invitee to Bitcasa, I was pretty excited. This new service promised the next evolution in online cloud storage – the unlimited space cloud storage. Because  was bound by a non-disclosure agreement – I couldn’t bring the details to you until the product was released fully. Also, since much of the time I’m spending with this is based on a Beta test – take what I describe as stuff that could get change or fixed in new releases.

Review: iPad (3rd Generation)

iPad-3rdGenApple’s tablet has seen better days with the technology press. This new tablet doesn’t feature any show-stopping new toys (as did previous incarnations). But, this is Apple, so you often have to see it to believe it. Join me as I get my hands on a new iPad determine if it’s worth the $519+ (in Canada) for a new one.

You should also know, for some inexplicable reason, it took me more than a week to open the box. Perhaps I just wanted to collect my thoughts before trying this new device. Sometimes I’ll go against the mad rush in an attempt to let things sink in. Finally, with the box open, I give you my thoughts on the new iPad. No doubt, you’ve seen other reviews of this device – and most of them have been positive. I’ll try to give you my impressions as an IT Guy and as a person who has used every single iPad model that came out.

Review: Dell Vostro 3550 Laptop

Much of the recent news I’ve heard about Dell involves what they aren’t selling anymore (like phones). But, what still sell are laptops and ultrabooks. I’ve really never been the biggest fan of Dell’s laptops, preferring to recommend either Toshiba or Lenovo offerings. Today, I’ve ordered a Vostro 3550 laptop and I’ll share my thoughts on that.

Review: Drobo FS Network Attached Storage (NAS)

DroboThe storage space comprised of  NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices is an interesting one. It appears to be growing in multiple ways –  companies are downsizing away from the server they didn’t need, gamers are looking for that home data store, and businesses are increasingly using them for backup applications. I’ve seen great many of these devices, and today I was able to look at the Drobo FS, a five drive NAS device with one and two drive failover capabilities aimed at users and small businesses.

Review: GLIF By Studio Neat

GLIFIt’s here! Today I received the wonderful gift of a brand new GLIF+ from Studio Neat. Being in Canada, I wasn’t sure how well this order would go – but, I’m happy to say it was just as simple as paying for it online and waiting for the US Postal Service shipped package to arrive. As advertised, the hard-to-spell GLIF+ comes with the actual mount, a stabilizer bar for more rough use, a ligature for using it in a key chain and a box that can double as a tripod on it’s own. Excited to use this with my iPhone 4S, I went out and picked up a tripod and started to test it out.

PowerEdge T710 Server Review

The higher-end (and much heavier) server tower offered by Dell as the PowerEdge T710 is one heck of a monster. Measuring more than a few inches deeper than the lower-end T410 server, this bad boy looks to be built for power and speed. Today, the plan with this PowerEdge T710 is to set it up as a member server of a domain and eventually use it as a database server. I’ll take the machine through it’s paces and show you what I thought of this server. Along the way, I’ll share some tips and other information I think might be useful.

Review: Zorin OS, Doing Windows On Linux

With big changes coming in the next version of Windows, many will be out looking for alternatives to the very clear movement towards simplification in Windows. One option that has been around for years is that of a Linux – but it has always been a difficult sell for Windows users to switch. The problem is, that most Linux systems feel like, well, Linux. What if there was a Linux version aimed directly at Windows users? There is probably more than one, but one I wanted to look at was Zorin OS, let me show you what I think.

First Look: Cubby – A New Cloud Storage Tool


The pace of cloud file storage application releases have been fast and furious. Now that Google’s Drive is here and some of the more popular services in this space are Dropbox (Sign up here and get 500mb free), SugarSync, Bitcasa, and Box.Net. Today, I was invited to check out a new file storage service from the creators of Logmein called Cubby and I wanted to take a look at how this works.

Review: Dell XPS 17 Laptop

XPS17The Dell XPS 17 laptop is huge, so massive, you really need two hands to pick it up. But, despite the size (or because of it) you’re treated to a huge, wide screen, a full size keyboard with a number pad and allot of wrist space. Given how big this is, you might be surprised how sleek the outside looks. There is a nice metal sheen on the palm rests too. Today, I’m going to take a closer look at the XPS 17 laptop by Dell.

Quickbooks Online: A First Look

One product that seems perpetually locked to the world of desktop software is that of the Accounting Package. Sure, there are CRM applications like Salesforce that have made the “Cloud” more viable for that market. But, in the small to mid-sized business market – the dominant tools for accounting still remain desktop versions of Simply Accounting, Quickbooks or BusinessVision. Intuit is looking to change all that with a new product seemingly targeted to Canadian Businesses that the desktop version of Quickbooks might handle. With a 30-day trial of the product, I decided to take a look at the product and see how well it works.