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Free Tool: Schedule A Reboot In Windows With Reboot Now

Renow1Today we have another free tool for you. In the same category as the Reboot, Log Off, and Shutdown – Reboot Now can be used to force a computer to reboot on a set schedule. Once that time you setup is reached, Reboot Now will force the computer to reboot as cleanly as possible.This small utility sits in your Windows System Tray out of the way doing it’s thing inconspicuously. Read on for more details and download links.

The Simplest Way To Blog? – A Look At Throwww

Throwww Blogging PlatformIt is so incredible how far blogging has come since the early days. Back then, it was only possible by hobbling together HTML code and placing it on your web server. Now, what’s possible is truly amazing, easy and in many ways it let’s you focus on the task of writing – not the technical details behind the writing (well, for the most part anyway). A new blogging platform called Throwww aims to be an even simpler way of blogging.

Free Tool: CRcutil – Basic File Compare And Text Encryption

crcutil1The landscape for encryption tools today is incredibly dense. Certainly, this process is done in many novel ways and with tools that far surpass that of the simple. One of the most amazing encryption tools (for example) is TrueCrypt – I covered it in a recent “That Great Tool” post. While tools like that offer a great deal of options and uses, I’ve always thought there was room for the simple too. CRCutil is just that – a simple way to compare two files or encrypt and decrypt small amounts of text. Read on for more details and a download link for this free tool.

Automating Reboot, Log Off, And Shut Down With Free Tools

ShutDown2While thinking of free tools to add to the growing list available here, I thought of a specific problem I attempted to solve many times over the years. essentially, I wanted to find various ways to automate the log off, shut down and reboot processes of Windows. In a more fragmented way, these tools were borne of  necessity and never grouped together while I created them in the late 1990s – until now. Today, I give you three new tools to download and I simply call them Reboot / Log Off / Shutdown. Read on for download links and details.

Announcing: An Updated Version Of Install/Uninstall

Install/Uninstall ScreenshotThis is great. I’m happy to be giving you something new to play with (as far as utilities go). I’ve not written anything for a long time – and, just recently the programming bug has hit again and I’d thought I’d go over some old utilities and update them. Around this time, I was also looking for a quick way to do some Delphi-ish stuff in Windows, and what I found was incredible! If you’re a fan of Object Pascal, you should really check out Lazarus and Free Pascal. With those two, I decided to revive the Install/Uninstall tool and clean it up a bit while getting some of my programming legs back.

Windows 8 Hits RTM – What You Should Do

Windows8 LogoOn August 1, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 had been released to manufacturers (or RTM). While this is certainly not the biggest news to come along – it’s a good time to prepare for this new version of Windows.  Windows 8 is going to be a rather big shift for computing in general, so this milestone also serves as a warning for all users. In many respects, you might find yourself having no choice but to use it, so this is a good time to get ready.

New: FolderChangesView Monitors Changes To A Folder


It is the rule when supporting any major operating system, that more tools, the better. In the case of trying to understand what’s going on with a file system – there are options. Tools like the incredible Process Monitor give you a look at the file an registry operations on a machine. This generally works on the local computer and requires the use of filters (usually by process name) to get to more details. But, there is another way to watch changes to a file system that might be cleaner for what you’re after, It’s FolderChangesView.

Fighting Viruses: The Free Prockill Utility Helps

When I made the Process Killer utility, all I intended it for was to include it with an installer to stop processes before the process started. This worked well, so prockill lived on. As I would work in the field, I would come across computers infected with viruses that would restrict execution of utilities like the great Process Explorer or PsKill to kill the threat. Given their well-known nature – the viruses tend to kill them before you can use them to help. Enter the Process Killer tool to help you kill that virus.

Free Software: BatchDBx

BatchDBX LogoYou may have come here from time-to-time to see blogs about technology or contests – but did you know that we write software too? There haven’t been too many updates on that front, but I’d like to add another (hopefully) useful utility that you can download and use. This is a little old – I know, but hasn’t been out there in some time.

I introduce the BatchDBx utility. Check out download links and information right here.