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Piracy of the Future: Hiding in Plain Sight

The focus on piracy has always been intense for tools that have offered intellectual property (IP) for free. Over the years, services and software such as Napster (music), Megaupload (cyberlockers), and uTorrent (Bittorrent) have become focal points for the intense battle to remove pirated content from the greater Internet. But, perhaps unexpectedly, new and novel legitimate services are being created that can also be used to display pirated content. The future of piracy may be a trojan horse in every legitimately used service.

Is Google Plus Dead?

Twitter Search Google App

Like Google Reader, iGoogle, Wave and Buzz before it, the days of the social network Google Plus may be numbered. The writing appears to be on the wall. With Twitter’s announcement on May 19 that Google‘s app would include tweets in searches, Google is making massive changes. While Google may want to spic it differently, signs are pointing to the end of the social network.

Making the Most of Twitter From WordPress With a Plugin

twitter on wordpress
Wordpress really gets flack for plugins. A as a blog that uses WordPress, I understand much of the criticism. I’m always interested in getting rid of plugins in favor of coding whenever possible. You’ll probably notice the very basic nature of this site anyway. One problem that has always seemed to lack an elegant solution is how to automate a tweet with custom text while using developer account. Go ahead, you won’t find anything out there.

Twitter And Its Broken Two-Step Authentication Process

Two-Step Authentication

Bad design can creep into any process, whether small or the much larger Twitter. I was thrust upon this when I (rather innocently) changed my phone number – but forgot to turn off Twitter’s “login verification” process first. There is no way I could have known, but my specific use case of Twitter, coupled with a phone number change, locked me out. After much consternation, I understood Twitter’s two-step process is broken.

Questioning Gun Ownership


Like any efficient (and possibly dangerous) technology, the ideas behind their use and control can be incredibly polarizing. Recently, I came face-to-face with that polarizing effect when I asked a seemingly simple question of Micheal Moore (the documentary filmmaker):

And, to be clear, I was lazy for replying to a tweet about Piers Morgan, because my question had nothing to do with him. Ultimately, Moore stopped answering questions with the #bowlingforcolumbine hashtag and did not answer mine. Well, after that tweet, I was hit with replies left and right from those who seem to support my implied position and others who were clearly pro-gun. Read on for for a look at how this panned out.

How To Get Your Twitter Archive

yourtwitterarchiveRecently Twitter has started to roll out an Archiving function. The new tool lets you request and download a compressed (zip) file that contains all the tweets from your account since it was opened. To get this download, open the settings page on Twitter’s web front-end and request an archive email. The email contains a link to to a download page that includes everything you need to view your tweets. 

Why I Support APP.NET

App.Net LogoI’ve really been on the fence since I heard about a new service called APP.NET . The Twitter-like service was created by Dalton Caldwell as a paid-for service that will have a full API with (hopefully) a strong ecosystem. If you haven’t already, it’s worth your time to check out his blog article “Announcing an audacious proposal“. I won’t repeat what he says, but I wanted to add my own thoughts about why I decided to put up the money to back this interesting and important idea.

The Future Of Email Is NOT Twitter

Twitter Fail WhaleI just stumbled on this blog post (not using StumbleUpon, mind you) where the author posits that the future of email is Twitter. Well, a longer version of Twitter not limited to 140 characters. He or She of Virtual Pants goes on to say that no one wants to remember a fill email address and that an @username is much easier to remember. Since that blog doesn’t seem to offer a place to comment, I’ll do that here, thank you very much.

Think The Mobile Platform Battle Is A Fight For The Device You Buy? Think Again.

The mobile space has rapidly expanded (160% over the last year[1]) – with the incredible success of one iPad. This success has also underscored the boom in smart phones entering he market as well as devices that might fit somewhere in-between (a convertible tablet laptop, anyone?). Many think that companies are fighting to get these mobile devices into our hands – while thats true to a certain extent, the real fight for our mobile future will be who controls the platform.

A Better Way To Manage Twitter Overload

A number of folks I have spoken to about Twitter complain about one big problem. The main reason that causes them to walk away from Twitter overload. They join Twitter, start following closely related people (brother, sister, boyfriend) and then start branching out. Eventually their Twitter stream starts growing to point where they can’t possibly keep up with all the tweets. A new study by PARC and MIT sheds some light on this problem and they even offer a new client.