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It’s True: Microsoft’s Windows IS At War With Itself

Microsoft-Fish“Today’s Windows is almost absurdly configurable” – with that phrase, the recent Microsoft Windows Engineering blog gave me the answer I was looking for. This was the reason for the new “Metro” style interface, the active square tiles and the removal of the “Start” button in Windows 8. I encourage you to take a few moments and read the MSDN blog: Creating the Windows 8 user experience. And, though I often disagree with him, but Paul Thurrott makes a great point saying “Did Microsoft Just Give Up On Windows 8 For Businesses?“. So, what’s happening here? I think it’s clear that the main reason for these massive changes are because Windows is at war with itself. Windows is becoming more and more of a dichotomy as the release of version 8 gets closer. This will lead to longer release schedules and (possibly) more unhappy users than a room full of Vista licensees. But, what’s going on here?

Opinion: Stop Griping! Email Is The Perfect Form Of Communication

Pine-LinuxTo many, electronic mail seems to be the last thing they look forward to. In a typical day, I might see and hear so many people gripe about email that it starts getting to me too. There are “email zero” movements and people that help you manage email clutter – but what’s wrong with this picture? Email has to be one of the most perfect forms of communication we have. Proof of that is on it’s enduring longevity, but also in the many ways we use it today.

Why I Loathe Trade Shows

TradeShowWith what I do, you’d really think I would love trade shows. As an IT Consultant and a writer, you might imagine the trade show is like the “perfect storm” for a guy like me. Well, it’s actually the opposite. I’m somehow endlessly bothered by trade shows and fairs. In fact, I find trade shows to be a mind numbing process of marketing, sales tactics and walking in circles. I’m not one to be overly negative about things, and I really don’t want this to be like that – but if you’ll indulge me, I can show you why these events an really suck.

Cell Providers Have Gone HeyWire

Heyware-LogoAn interesting story (read it here) popped up over the last couple of days about a father who refused to pay a high Rogers cell phone bill. Alex Dunsmore’s son sent and received a large number of text messages with his girlfriend, who was using a free texting application. The application in question, HeyWire, is a US-Based free texting application that allows a user to text Canada for free – but the person replying must  text a US number in return. The fascinating thing about this scenario is that Dunsmore’s cell phone plan included “Unlimited” texting in Canada and his son’s girlfriend texted from an application she presumed was free. The question here is who’s on the hook for the extra charges? Should Dunsmore have been notified of these huge charges?

RIM Is The “What could have been” Company

RIM-CoverRIM is quickly becoming the kind of company we talk about when we think of what could be a great innovator. There was a time when RIM made products early adopters wanted for great features like BBM and “Push” email. Now, many have walked away from the platform and sales have gone cold for the Blackberry platform. With revenue down 19%, the fourth quarter results from RIM (read here) were quite brutal by anyone’s measure. But, what makes RIM the company of what could have been? Let’s look at some great things that could have been, shall we?

You’re Wrong, It’s Not Apple’s Fault [Path Address Book Scandal]

Path-LogoI do feel bad right now for all those users of Path on the iPhone that had address book details uploaded to Path’s servers stealthy and in the background. Consequently, this has cause Path’s current CEO to write a sincere apology blog and ultimately delete user data and update the Path application. As the fallout continues, I notice how much of the echo chamber is calling this a failure of Apple to secure user’s address book. Apple can be blamed for many things, but this is not Apple’s fault.

iPhone? I Don’t Take The iPhone Seriously. Android Is Better

I had a conversation recently with a like-mind technical fellow.

Him: “Can I ask you a serious question?”
Me: “Yes”
Him: “Right now, what phone would you buy?”
Me: “Android”

What you don’t see is the lack of a pause or time to reflect. What you don’t see is that I typed my response on an iPhone 4. Yes, while I have spent some time with the iPhone,  Android is the clear winner on most every level. In fact, despite a couple good things, I find it difficult to take the iPhone seriously. Let me explain why.

Theft? – A Story Of Insurance Penalties In Canada


InsuranceLandYou read that right, theft. Once in a while something comes along that truly astounds you – this is one such case. InsuranceLand and Pafco have taken me for quite a sum of money, all in the name of crazy penalties. Recently, I was told I would have to pay $342.83 for 8 days of Auto Insurance. This was all explained to me, presumably with a straight face, by my Broker, InsuranceLand. For me, all I did was request an auto insurance policy, pay a hefty deposit, and then cancel 8 days later. I have felt ripped off before. This practice should be illegal in Canada.

The suspects
Broker Company – Paul Hainer‘s InsuranceLand
Insurance Company – Pafco
Broker – Ewa Lewandowski
Broker – Harry Altunyuzick

The Crime
Take a loyal customer of 8 to 10 years, provide the WRONG insurance policy for 8 days and charge your customer $342.83 for that service.

Android On Blackberry? Here’s What RIM Needs To Make This A Big Hit

Recently, new evidence has arisen that RIM is testing Android
applications on the Blackberry platform. The implications of being able
to run Android apps on the Playbook are pretty far reaching – but, to
see the Android apps runnable on the millions of RIM devices would be a major coup. Not only that, Research in Motion (RIM) plays this correctly, they could have a huge hit on their hands. Here’s why this is important, and what RIM needs to do.

Update (Mar 24, 2011): RIM announces support for Android applications on the Playbook. Big News!
Update: (Jan 22, 2012): After a number of missteps and seemly poor recent results, RIM’s co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis step down and Thorsten Heins takes over as the new CEO. Big news for the struggling company.