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Review: Sony eBook Reader PRS-650

After having an iPad and writing about it a number of times and ultimately writing about why I sold it – I had managed to spend allot of time understanding how I wanted to read eBooks. While reading eBooks was a great experience on the iPad – reading PDF files such as online printouts and magazines – was even more amazing. After this, however, I was looking for a new way to read, one that would not use a back-lit or illuminated screen. This lead me to the eReader product offered by Sony, the PRS-650. Here are my thoughts.

Movie Review: The Social Network [Updated]

You may have heard of a small movie about a big social media company called Facebook, that opened this week. I had the chance to check it out recently, and, after letting it sink in for a few hours – I decided I’d share my thoughts about this movie. First off, The Social Network is a movie that chronicles the first year of Facebook, the online social media website. It centers around the founders of the site and, of course, the drama surrounding all of it. My basic feeling about this movie is that it was (a) well done and (b) fast and loose with the facts. Update: Take a look at this post: The 10 Most Glaring Lies In “The Social Network”.

Android-x86 On A Netbook, Is It Ready? A Review.

android x86The recent flood of Android-based smartphones and tablets is starting to really pay off for Google. Thanks to this, we are seeing a large number of devices that may not exactly fit the Android use-case, but are nonetheless interesting. I have recently been very interested in the Android tablet and/or Netbook scenario. Why is this more interesting than ChromeOS or some other Operating System? Android has a much more streamlined use, it’s much faster than that its Windows counterpart, and since ChromeOS isn’t exactly ready today – some may turn to Android. But, is it ready? How well does it work? I will install Android on an older Acer Aspire One netbook to see how well it runs over Windows XP.

First Impressions – Soluto [Updated]

Soluto Logo(re?) Introduced at TechCrunch DisruptSoluto was one of the big stars of the conference. There’s a good chance it will win the big prize at Disrupt 2010. What Soluto intends to do is allow the user to focus on the boot process, identify what applications are slowing down a computer and then let the user improve this by disabling certain items. Soluto has also embarked on creating what’s called the PC Genome which looks to map problems and solutions in a large database allowing for future streamlining of the solution process.

First Impressions: Blackberry 8330 CDMA

Device: Blackberry 8330 “Curve”
Previous Device: Blackberry 8703
Provider: Bell
Base Price: $549.00

I’ve had this smart phone now for a day and so far I’m pleased with the new features and annoyed with some others.

Welcome to this new device are features like a camera, a gps device and the inclusion of media players as well as memory expandability. Some features not so welcome are the new keyboard layout, removal of the spinning wheel and addition of the track ball. Along the way, some unexpected surprises.