Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Today is the day we’ll get a new beta version of Windows 8 – dubbed the “Consumer Preview”. Although it’s not known what will be included in the beta, how to download or if we’ll see an actual webcast of the event – we do know that everyone should be able to download a new beta of Windows 8 sometime today.

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Windows 8: A Closer Look At Metro

When the Interface for Windows 8 was announced, I was a little surprised at first. Was this new phone-looking interface going to work very well with existing Business PCs? Was this new interface going to be removable? What kind of subsystem would Metro be running under? Well, as previews of Windows 8 continued to roll out – it became […]


When Choice Is Not A Choice

As I was reading, I started feel somewhat uneasy, as if something was wrong with what I was reading. Someone from Microsoft was writing that choice is a good thing, and that we should choose to check out Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)? Really? Seriously, yes, go take a look for yourself. This is unusual in a number of ways, especially the “choice” of words. I really found myself more interested in what was missing from this article more than what was included.