Thoughts On US/Canada Cross-Border Shopping

I’m a Canadian living in Toronto. I’m not far from the American border (about an hour and a half of driving to the east or west, give or take a few minutes). Being in the technology industry – I am always coming across scenarios where a particular product is only available in the U.S. or the product may be significantly cheaper than it would be if purchased here in Canada. Even with our currencies almost at par, the lure of going to America to get the exclusive tech and bring it back is tremendous. While returning from a small road trip yesterday, I had some thoughts about cross-border shopping.


Why I Sold My iPad

I have a read a few blogs about why others have sold or returned their iPads and I really thought I should add my perspective into this mix. The iPad is the uber-popular tablet computing device created by Apple and sold in the bazillions. I purchased an iPad sometime in April and kept it until very recently. At some point I realized, all I was doing was using a more convenient (and fairly expensive) means of consuming content. Something I was already doing, but the iPad made the experience better. That was just something I decided I didn’t need any more. Oh, and I wanted the money too.


It’s HARD To Say I’m Self Employed!

The question everyone always asks almost immediately when you first meet them is “What do you do?” or “Where do you work?”. After this, I often try to deflect the conversation to something else – or try to make a silly comment to the effect of “I’m Unemployed”. Sometimes, when I’m pressed, I will admit that I’m Self Employed or that I own my business. I have pondered this more than once though; why is it so hard to say I’m self-employed?


Is There A Way To Stop “Internet Broken Telephone”?

Broken Telephone. You’ve heard of that before right? When one person tells a story and the next person re-tells that same story, parts of it change. By the time many people have told the story – the most recent version you hear bears little or no resemblance to the original. You can certainly blame this on creative storytelling – but it’s clear that there is something very human about getting things wrong.


New And Interesting Tools – #4 – The Google Edition

Another themed post! This time I look at – Google-related tools. I’m a Google Apps user and use all sorts of their great services. Today I wanted to look at some of the companion tools you’ll see for the various Google services available. I tend to gravitate towards free tools – but if, for some reason a tool is not free – I will point that out and fill you in on pricing details. Today I look at tools such as Good Noows, Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer, Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook.


Use Google Reader On Your iPad? Here’s How To Get Full Keyboard Support

You just got your shiny new iPad and plugged it in, you even hightailed it to the couch to relax while using it. Your WiFi connection is good, now it’s time to check out the news on trusty Google Reader. To your surprise Google Reader doesn’t support keyboard shortcuts, nor does it support the “sent to” menu. Until Google does, here’s how to do it (without having to install a paid iPad app).